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24/7 Junk Removal LLC


Sometimes, we just need a restart...

Going through a hoarder situation can be very stressful for everyone involved, especially for the owner of the belongings; that is why 24/7 Junk Removal LLC is here to help.  Personal items must always be handled very delicately and with respect, and that is exactly what we do.  The crew we send is expected to be patient, sympathetic, and respectful.  We understand what you, the customer, are going through.  Whether it's for a friend, family member, or yourself we know the process.

Our Prices are as follows:

$1,000 for the first 8 hours

$125 for every hour after that

If everything is absolutely ready to be taken and the process only takes a few hours, the cost will be greatly reduced.

To get a general idea of our pricing, please click HERE

To request a quote online, please click HERE

To book online, please click HERE

To book or request a quote via email, please email us at

To request a quote or book us over the phone, please call or text 760-820-5865

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