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24/7 Junk Removal LLC


Curbside pick up is when you, the customer, leave the unwanted item(s) or debris at the side of the curb (or in some cases back alley, near a dumpster, etc.) .  Choosing curbside will always be the cheaper option.  It cuts on time and energy allowing us to pass the savings down to you.  This is all inclusive of any item(s) or debris that you, the customer, wish to get rid of and are willing to leave at the curbside yourself.

To check out an easier method of booking general household items or simply to browse the pricing for curbside pick up, please click HERE.

If you wish to book curbside pick up over the phone, please call or text 760-820-5865.

If you wish to book curbside pick up through an email, please message us at

You, the customer, do not necessarily need to be present or home for the pick up process, as long as you have either already paid or are prepared for an over the phone payment once the undesired item(s) or debris has been retrieved.  

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