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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Contact Us Directly With Any Additional Questions or Comments

Are you really open 24 hours, 7 days a week?

The short answer is, Yes! The long answer is: If you would like a more immediate response after 9:00PM PST, please call +1-760-820-5865. For all other methods of inquiry after 9:00PM PST (i.e. email, text, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc.), we will reach them as soon as possible but please forgive any delayed responses.

How much does junk removal cost?

Typically, junk removal will cost $50 - $500, it all depends on the size of the load. We have a detailed pircing page [Found Here]. Our two main ways to price the pick up are By Item and By Volume. Full List of Pricing Methods: By Item By Volume Foreclosure Cleanouts Special Pricing for Hoarding Cleanouts Memberhsips

What is the best way to collect an estimate?

The best way to recieve an estimate is to 1. Take clear photos of what needs to be removed (please attempt to show scale) 2. Attach photos with a brief description to a Text to +1-760-820-5865 or an email to CustomerService@24-7-JunkRemoval.com 3. Please include in the description whether not you would prefer Curbside Pick Up or In Home Pick Up ( other) Please Note: Curbside Pick Up tends to be on average 40% cheaper than normal pricing. Construction Debris (i.e. dry-wall, cinderblock, concrete, 2x4's, etc.) tends to be twice as expensive as regular househould items or green-waste.

Do you take electronics?


Do you take harsh chemicals?

We take paint, household (non-industrial) pesticides, household (non-industrial) fertilizers, engine oil, and household cleaning products.

Where do you operate? (What is your service area?)

We are located in San Diego, California and we proudly serve all of San Diego County. Our apologies to the rest of California and the United States; we'll get to you eventually.

How do I leave you a review?

We love it when clients leave us reviews on our Yelp Page and especially on our Google Listing

Do you provide house cleaning services?

No, we do not provide house cleaning services. Though, we have been known to sweep/rake after most jobs.

Do you take yard debris?

Yes, we take all green waste.

Do you provide landscaping or gardening services?

No, we do not provide landscaping services. We simply remove and collect the yard debris into our truck and trailer.

Do you provide demolition services?

Yes and no. We do not provide demolition services for the interior of currently occupied homes. We do provide light demo services for outdoor projects.

Are you on Social Media?  How do I find you on Social Media?

Yes, we are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and a Google Listing.

You guys are so great, how can I support you further?

Please tell your friends, family, and neighbors about us. If you are connected in a community forum or social page, please give us a shout out. Shout outs on all platforms of social media are deeply appreciated. Reviews on Google and Yelp are also appreciated.

How do I get myself or my company onto your Affiliates Page?

Just let us know. Please call, text [+1-760-820-5865], or email us. Give us your name, business name, and all of the contact info you want listed. It's that easy.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit, debit, check, and Venmo.

What is your service area?

We proudly serve all of San Diego County in beautiful Southern California. If you live anywhere in San Diego contact us for all of your junk removal needs at 1-760-820-JUNK or that's +1-760-820-5865.

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