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24/7 Junk Removal LLC


For a full garage clean out, the best way to price it is by volume.  

Our Truck and Trailer hold a combined volume of 542 cubic feet, or approx. 20 cubic yards, which is 10% more than our friend who's name rhymes with "punk ring" and 30% more than our friends with the 1 800 number.  We'll beat their prices too.

Our Truck alone holds 158 cubic feet

Our Trailer holds 384 cubic feet

Our volume pricing:

Full Truck Bed $250 - $350

Full Trailer $500 - $750

Full Truck and Trailer $750 - $950

Or Check Out Our Pricing Page HERE! 

To request a quote online, please click HERE

To book online, please click HERE

To book or request a quote via email, please message us at

To request a quote or book us over the phone, please call or text 760-820-5865

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