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Follow this easy guide for a cleaner and tidier home.

No matter how neat and tidy you naturally are, it's all too easy for clutter to pile up in your home. There's mail, books, school supplies, tax forms, and so many other odds and ends — plus, the items you use all the time that never seem to get put away. Fortunately, there are simple ways to stop clutter in its tracks.

If you're not sure where to start, follow these expert decluttering tips to help you take control of your home. From organizing tips that will help you maximize your space to design hacks that will make everything look more streamlined, these decluttering techniques will change the way you live. And if you really want to overhaul your home, don't miss our best cleaning tips of all time.  If all else fails, just call or text us at 1(760)820-JUNK (that's +1-760-820-5865).

Decluttering Your Kitchen

Messes materialize fast in the heart of your home. Keep it clean and tidy (until your kids roll through) with some pro advice.

Step 1: Expand Cabinet Storage

When it comes to the kitchen, it's what's on the inside that counts. Make the most of your cabinet space — no matter how small — with a quick DIY project. "Mount a rack on the back of a cabinet or pantry door, or try a roll-out rack in a lower cupboard to amp up cabinet space," recommends organizing expert Alejandra Costello.


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Step 2: Use Up Wall Space

"Bulky pots and pans can quickly gobble up valuable cabinet space," says Alison Victoria, host of HGTV’s Kitchen Crashers. "Be like Julia Child and put them on display — just hang them from S-hooks on a pegboard or from a suspended pot rack." Now, go and be like Julia Child!

Step 3: Tame Your Spices

As a general rule, spices stay fresh for roughly four years. If you've had the same container of coriander for more years than you can count, ditch it. When it comes time to organize, either place them alphabetically or categorize them by use. Or just get one of these handy spice organizers that does the work for you.

Decluttering Your Bathroom

At this point, your bathroom practically has as many products as a Target beauty aisle. There are the scattered cotton pads, expired mascara tubes, an assortment of toilet bowl cleaners, just to name a few. That ends now.

Step 1: Toss Expired Products

When was the last time you checked the expiration date on a bottle of sunscreen? Exactly. "Take 20 minutes every three months to pull everything out of your bathroom cabinets and check expiration dates. Throw out all expired products and items that you just don't like," says Susan Santoro, owner of Organized 31.

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Step 2: Keep Towels on Hand

If you're short on closet space, then bring your everyday linens right into the bathroom. Stuff decorative wicker baskets with bath towels for a practical yet stylish accent.

Parquet Floor Bathroom

Step 3: Amp Up Under-the-Sink Storage

Instead of filling up your precious vanity space, take advantage of the space below the sink with labeled baskets, bins, or stackable plastic drawers. Decide what's worth keeping by following HGTV and DIY Network's Matt Muenster's trick: "Tuck everything away out of sight and watch what builds up over the next two to three days. Those items are worth keeping in an easy-to-reach spot. Everything else should be packed away."

Decluttering Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your place of zen. After following these genius tips, it can be. *Breathes a sigh of relief.*

Step 1: Hide a Hamper

If you're short on closet space, then place a basket for laundry or throw pillows in the corner. A good hiding place is underneath an open bedside table.  OR under the bed, which leads us to Step 2. 

Step 2: Bed Risers

If you use a bed-frame with four legs, then you are in luck my friend.  Amazon sells sturdy bed risers on the cheap (Check the link below).  They make under the bed storage so stinkin' convenient.  If you're more of a DIY kind of person, keep reading.  

Step 3: Make Yourself a Lofted Bed

Creating under the bed storage has never been so fun for a home project.  Making yourself a loft bed is the ultimate DIYer dream come true.  Check out this in depth article on making creative and space saving loft beds (Loft Bed Article).

Step 4: For a More Practical Approach

For a more practical approach to under the bed storage, try vacuum seal bags.  Running out of hangers, have too many seasonal clothes, or just an overflowing closet?  Then vacuum seal bags are a must.  Or if all else fails you can call or text us at 1(760)820-JUNK, that's +1-760-820-5865.

Decluttering Your Office

A cluttered desk and a cluttered mind go hand in hand. Make your office space productive again by listening to the experts.

Step 1: Follow the Rule of Three

Open shelves are great in theory — until you fill 'em with tchotchkes, knick-knacks, and straight-up clutter. "Restrict non-book items to a maximum of three per shelf," says Melissa Picheny, founder of declutter+design. "Their sizes and shapes can vary, but relate the pieces by color or theme — say, ceramic vases in shades of cream."

Step 2: Leave Room to Grow

If you fill your bookshelf to the brim, then you won't have any room to continue growing your collection. Good point, huh? "The goal is to leave at least 10% of each shelf bare and book-free," explains Justin Klonsky, author of Organize & Create Discipline. "Before filling bookshelves, do a side-by-side comparison, ask yourself: If I could keep only one of these two volumes, which would it be?" (Remember, you can store everything else on an e-reader.)

Step 3: Detangle Cords and Cables

Between chargers, lamp cords, and laptop wires, your desk can quickly become a maze. Secure wires in a cable box, which keeps things tidy, or install a shelf with cable “ports." You can also use decorative washi tape to label cords for easier use.

Decluttering Your Living Room

You live here — and it sure looks like it. Give your living space a warm, cozy, and functional feel with these decluttering tips.

Step 1: Clear the Coffee Table

Coffee tables are the focal point of most living rooms. As tempting as it may be to cover it with books, candles, and flowers, prop stylist Stephanie Hanes recommends you keep it as clear as possible. "To give the illusion that a room is a clutter-free, the top of the coffee table should be 75% clear. Styles with drawers or shelves below the surface will get you there fast," she says.

Step 2: Create Good Flow

"It’s not as much about where you put your furniture as it is about the types of pieces you choose. In each room I design, I try
to include at least one round piece, such as a coffee table, that people can walk around without bumping their knees," says interior designer Katie Rosenfeld. She also recommends filling the space with versatile pieces like an ottoman, which can be used to sit or to hold a drink.

Step 3: Make it Guest Friendly

"Corral smaller items — vases, candles, and decorative accents — on a handled tray that’s easy to relocate when company's coming," says Klonsky. That way you can quickly sweep away excess clutter in a snap before they arrive — because we're clearly more inclined to clean our house for guests rather than ourselves.

Step 4: Pair Pillows by Color

Whatever you do, don't go overboard on the throw pillows. "Stick to a trio in complementary colors and patterns — always have at least one solid — for most sofas," says Picheny. A massive couch, however, can handle five pillows — two solids, three patterned.

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