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Helpful Tips

If you live in San Diego County, California and would like some helpful tips for doing some junk removal on your own, then read on!  

TIP #1 Getting Organized

Getting started on any big project can be the hardest part, especially when it comes to decluttering and organizing your home.  However, reading these helpful articles can make it easier and will give you a better idea of where to start from.  Check out this awesome article from Beatriz Garcia, creator of Clan Kitchen, on how to organize your kitchen for maximum potential![You may also click here for a link to the How to Organize Your Kitchen article]. For organizing the rest of your home, see this helpful article that takes you through the whole house![You may also click here for a link to the Decluttering The Home Made Easy Article].

TIP #2 Contacting a Local Thrift or Non-Profit Organization

Before contacting us, consider this: is the stuff you want to get rid of in decent enough condition to donate?  Consider taking what you can to your local Goodwill or The Salvation Army.  Or if it's some sort of construction debris and you live in San Diego, consider looking at this list of centers that take such materials: County of San Diego Construction & Demolition Recycling Facility Directory.  As a company, we believe in responsible disposal and being a good steward to the environment.  Everything we pick up we either donate to a second hand program or recycle the material at its respective center.

COVID-19 NOTICE!  Many non-profits and second-hand stores are not accepting donations at the moment due to the SARS-COV-2 Virus (also known as COVID-19).  


TIP #3 Contacting Your Local Waste Management

Sometimes your local waste management has an allowance on large item curbside pick up, others have dumpster rentals.  To find out more contact your local waste managment.

Helpful Links:

TIP #4 If It's Landscaping Debris

If you already have a home garden, consider starting a mulch or compost pile.  A mulch pile can benefit both you and your plants, disposes of the green waste and provides free food for your plants.  Click here to watch an in depth instructional video on composting: .

Keep in mind, dumping green waste on your own will cost a quarter of regular dumping fees (please see TIP #5).  HOWEVER, if you have any palms, palm branches, or regular trash (inorganic materials) in your load, then you will be charged at a higher rate.  In other words, if you're not carrying pure green waste or have palms in the load, then you will be charged at the regular trash disposal rate (fee based on load weight).

TIP #5 If a Loved One Has Passed

Many times when a loved one has passed away it is too difficult to go through their belongings.  It can be painful trying to decide whether to donate an item or pass it through the family.  Luckily there are companies that host a sale of the items for you, so that you are fairly compensated in return.  Here is a useful list for the San Diego area for finding such a company:

TIP #6 What Are the Local Landfill Fees?

The cheapest San Diego Landfill is the Miramar Landfill located of the North side of CA-HWY 52 and Convoy St (Address: 5180 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111).  As an individual in your personal vehicle your minimum landfill dump fee will cost $55.00.  The next cheapest landfills are going to be the EDCO Transfer Stations scattered throughout San Diego County; they will charge you a minimum of $64.00.  All of the other landfills in San Diego County (Santee, Otay Mesa, etc.) are going to charge at least twice ($112.00 minimum) as much and possibly require special PPE, such as a hard-hat.  Keep in mind that these prices are not for green waste or demolition debris.  Demolition debris (drywall,concrete, studs, etc.) will cost twice as much per load as regular junk.  

TIP #7 Create Something New and Awesome With the Junk You Already Have!

Matt from DIY Perks and DIY Perks EXTRA is some sort of recycling engineer genius.  He displays How-To videos on reconstructing thought to be broken or derelict objects and making them useful in a whole new way.  For instance, check out the video below in which you learn how to turn a broken TV or computer monitor into a beautiful "artificial window" light.  We really like what he's got going on and his can-do attitude.



We believe in responsible disposal!  For everything we pick up, we sort through and then donate and recycle everything we can.  We take all passable furniture, appliances, electronics, clothes, knickknacks, you name it to the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army.  For everything that is not passable, we dismantle and sort each item piece by piece and take what we can to its respective recycling center.  We even have resources for recycling old carpet and concrete!

Helpful Tips
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