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24/7 Junk Removal LLC


We price our construction debris by volume; how much do you fill up the truck and trailer?


Our Truck and Trailer hold a combined volume of 542 cubic feet, or approx 20 cubic yards, which is 10% more than our friend who's name rhymes with "punk ring" and 30% more than our friends with the 1 800 number.  We'll beat their prices too.

Our Truck alone holds 158 cubic feet

Our Trailer holds 384 cubic feet

Construction(Heavy) Debris

i.e. Chunks of Asphalt, Concrete, Wood, Sheet Metal, etc. 

Full Truck Bed $350 - $450

Full Trailer $750 - $900

Full Truck and Trailer $900 - $1,100

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To book or request a quote via email, please message us at CustomerService@24-7-JunkRemoval.com

To request a quote or book us over the phone, please call or text 760-820-5865